Urdang - 18/19/20 May 2015

Hello 2nd year Students....

This page has been set up to try and help you get the best possible shot we can in the short time we have.

You will be brought in for your individual slot which has been scheduled by Urdang and that you will receive by email soon. The yellow room will be set up with some different background and lighting choices. There will be two photographers on the day shooting you to get the best possible setting that suits your look and skin tone. We will aim to take around 100 shots of each of you so plenty to get it right and choose from.

This is a very quick in and out session just for you to be able to get a good headshot ready to start your 3 rd year with. You will go on to book full sessions later on in the year.

Don’t be nervous and stress about it, it will hopefully be fun, have a bit of a laugh with and i’m not scary, but do be sensible. Read this page and the rest of the website to help you prepare thoroughly. It may seem crazy, but this is the start of you as a business. and you need to start planning for it’s success in the future!

Feel free to add me on Facebook, you’ll probably see me shooting this week and you can have a goof look through on there as well for shots you like and think what it is about them, the tops? the expression etc…

Please scroll down the page and read through all the tabs below as well.


Piercings- anyone who has facial piercings must remove them. No nose studs, eyebrows, lips or anything will work for these shots.

Girls- earrings, you can have one pair of really nondescript earrings in the lobes, all other earrings much be removed. No black studs, no big blingy studs.

Guys- all earrings must be removed.

Tops- Do not bring i wrinkly ill fitting black t-shirt.. give me a chance to get an interesting shot for you.

Fake Tan - NO… if your face is orange and neck white you’ll look stupid, same goes for heavy foundations or base make-up

When Do I see My Images

Lastly the way in which it will works after you have had these shots is that you will need to email Alex@linktalent.co.uk to be sent your password.

You will be sent an email by college to let you know when you can start emailing her. It will probably take 5 - 7 days for all this to be in place so please be patient.

You will then choose your 3 favourite shots and email the full file numbers back to Alex. She will then decide on your final shot for editing and will order it directly with Mug Photography for Retouching.

Once you have decided on your three shots you can't change your mind so choose carefully. Alex will be sent the edited shots to put on your CV.

If you would like to order extra shots for editing you will have the opportunity to do so from the gallery.

  • Girls
  • Guys
  • Makeup
  • Hair
  • Clothing
Tab 1


You need to look as natural as possible, very light make up.

No false lashes, no hard pencilled in HD brows, no bright red lipstick and natural base make up.

Any blemishes or dark circles can be edited out. If anyone has too heavy make up on Alex ask you to remove it. This isn't because she's mean but she wants you to get the best pictures possible and knows what works.

Bring along a few top choices, have a look on the clothing tab on this page sections for advice and on the home page for ideas.

We generally suggest choosing block colours and nothing that has very thing straps. Choose colours that suit your colouring and are a bit different.

You also need to bring a black top again that doesn't have thin straps, but a flattering neckline. If you’re happy and confident with your physique, don’t be afraid to bring 1 option that shows it, i.e. a good fitting vest top, thats not too low but shows an open neck line.

With your hair you will do various looks with it, the best way is to come with it as natural as possible. You can curl it if that suits you better, or straight is fine. But to try to avoid it being too flat or limp. And Flyaway hair looks really messy, especially on straight haired girls.

Please bring clips to pin the front back and a hair band to tie it in a ponytail both of which will be an option.

Tab 2


The natural look is key.

If you think that you suit to have a but of stubble more then to be clean shaven then it is fine.

Absolutely NO make up. Any blemishes can be edited out.

Have a look at different pictures on the Home page to get an idea of what tops to bring, and on the clothing tab on this site

We suggest you bring a plain black shirt, a black tshirt and a couple of other colour options. No patterns or writing.

also tops with a button opening can add just a little bit of interest.. even in black.

A plain primary black round t-shirt can just look very basic and shouts ‘graduate’

Tab 3


I think you should come with the same amount on as you would wear to a normal audition for you. If you’re a dancer maybe a little less as full dance make-up will probably be too heavy.

Most people like to start very neutral, just covering up blemishes, and a little around the eyes.

If you have a Basic Headshot session it needs to be done before hand, you won’t have time to do it in the room as that will probably be 15mins of your session gone already

Feel free to add more as you go and develope your look

Generally no. If it’s super subtle and you know what you’re doing fine.

If you neck is a different colour to your face, it will look stupid.

Just No

a tinted gloss is normally a good way to start, it gives a little shine and colour whilst being subtle

Preparing your skin and lips before the shoot as much as you can is also advised. Sleep, lots of water, no late nights, cut out fatty foods and chocolate if you can.

Spare a thought for your lips as well, dry cracked lips can be quite noticeable, lots of vaseline and lip salve to moisturise them leading up to the shoot might help.

I rarely think you need any make-up. if it’s a spot we can clean it up easier in the retouching stage. Under-eyes maybe a little will help if they’re bad.

But don’t do anything unless you’re really confident with what you’re doing.

Tab 4


Really important, DO NOT get your hair cut or coloured the day before or worse the morning of the shoot. Why risk it? it could go horrible wrong. Give it some breathing time so you know you’re really happy with it and you can control it.

Also don’t come for headshots if you’re planning on cutting in a fringe a week later.. pointless!

Everyone’s hair is obviously so different, but.. 9 times out of 10 - Girls if you have a long hair style - I LIKE (relatively) big hair, there i’ve said it.

now i’m not talking comedy Wedding Singer 80’s hair, but some volume is essential. Also your parting, lots of girls come with neat centre partings, but by the end of the shoot we’ve experimented and they prefer an off centre as it creates a bit more interest with the asymmetrical shape, not for everyone but just what i’ve noticed

someone said something very funny the other day, “it’s about hair to face ratio” and i know what she means.. more volume in the hair can make the face feel a little more in proportion, and even slimmer sometimes…

Layers can be tricky, if you stand in the mirror, tilt your chin down 10 degrees, and your hair falls in your face, it will probably do that for the whole shoot. So do you need to use some hairspray to keep it back open up the face a bit? does it look good with sections gripped back?

Also have a think before hand what ‘hair up’ works best, if any? very high pony tails and high buns often get lost off the top of the photo as we crop the top off a little bit. Does it look nice a bit lower? or even anything to the side or platted? just thinking out loud…

This sometimes takes military precision! wash it first thing that morning and it can be too soft and not hold any shape or style, leave it too long and we don’t want greasy dirty hair either.. only you know your hair.. but too clean can be a problem

You can shave during a session, but wet shaving doesn’t always work out. You can cut yourself, the skin can look a bit raw and aggravated and for guys we normally want to make the jaw look nice and strong, so baby face clean leaves no detail to hold some shadow. Of course, if you’re always clean shaven, don’t grow a beard for the shoot!

Tab 5

What to wear?

Ok this is by far the biggest thing people worry about, what tops to wear! trickier for girls but guys have to plan as well…

My biggest pet hate, turning up with a bag full of stretch t shirts from Primark in many different colours, it’s just boring and too simple.. 1 or 2 is fine but they have no detail and can be dull.. but even worse than that, don’t bring t-shirts that are cut for boys.. unless you ONLY want to do commercial dance they will completely un flatter any lovely feminine lines and features

Also don’t screw everything up in to a backpack and expect it to come out looking good…

You’re investing a lot of money in these shots.. so lets get this right… some thoughts!

How Many Should I bring - you know what, it might sound like loads but i’d say 8 - 10, why not? isn’t it better we have the options? if we don’t use it it doesn’t matter!

A Black top or 2 or 3… - It’s never wrong, always kinda works… is it the most exciting, no. can it make you look like a college grad, potentially, but bring interesting black tops, vests for people happy with their arms can look great, a shirt can look great, blouses etc….

Back tops with detail often work well because the detail is less noticeable than with colours, but it’s still there

I personally prefer darker colours on most people unless you have a really rich skin tone or loads of dark hair.

Because these shots need to look good in colour, the way the colours work together with you and your hair is important. Dark green, blues, turquoise, maroon, wine

White? - Yeah why not, bring it it might work! especially if you have some colour going on in your skin or hair.

if you are fair, with light skin.. it’s probably going to get a bit ghostly and wash you out

Back to that Primark thing a bit, people in the past who’ve brought clothes from higher end shops or ranges have worked really well. It’s something about the quality of fabric and way it fits the body that just works really well.

You should know what shops or labels fit you well so why not buy yourself a few new bits, you can easily take them back!! we don’t need to take labels off and trust me nearly every fashion shoot you’ve seen will have borrowed clothes from a shop and taken them back.

Detail - Yes… love SOME detail, not logos, but some patterns can really work, tops with button details can look really nice, blouses with some folds/lapelles/epilettes, a bit of lace can look sexy and sophisticated

Girls don’t forget you may have some nice dresses in your wardrobe where the top half and neck line are great. you can even wear them over your jeans, i won’t laugh or judge you.

Yes, can look lovely, skin is a great way to bring colour and a natural tone to the image, and necks and shoulders are a lovely feminine feature to show off..

Blazers are good if you’re a little older and can play corporate or cop/business type roles, or smart mums.

coats are really good but avoid big furry collars or over sized collars.. smart and simple is best… Duffle coatts and bombers look too casual

There’s no point in bring a top if you cant hide your bra under it… do you need a strapless bra? if you wear a red bra on the day is it going to show through everything? if you want to use a thin strap dress or bra how will you hide the straps?

We don’t generally need jewellery. You may want to do a ‘chav’ look in which case some hoops and bling might work

again if you’re in a slightly maturer or elegant woman category some earnings and a necklace may work nicely

If you’re caucasian then similar coloured tops don’t normally work, you need something to separate from your skin colour otherwise it all blends into one

Neons can be a bit too powerful unless you know you’re look and personality is really bubbly and big to match them

Big Logos or Picture Patterns don’t work, if you look at the top and has a picture of a city or a bird for example on it, you don’t want people spending time looking at those images.

Guys - Don’t go too tight around the neck with t shirts, they can choke you off a bit.

don’t bring stuff thats been washed to death and faded, get some open neck lines, shirts or tops with button detail around the neck, good fitting jumpers with some texture look good, a blazer can look smart and sophisticated, think about layers, shirt under a jumper? t-shirt under a blazer?

Polo shirts are a nice compromise between too basic t-shirt and less formal than a shirt.


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